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I have a router and a Hardware Firewall behind said Router. Router manages the HE Tunnel.

HE Server IPv6 is 2001:x:A:y::1
Router Address is 2001:x:A:y::2
Routed /64 is      2001:x:B:y::/64

Router address is fd00::something. Router is exposed IPv4 & IPv6 for Firewall.
Firewall address is first address from "Routed /64", 2001:x:B:y::1

What I don't understand are the addresses for my clients behind the firewall. I would expect those to be something from my "Routed /64", but they are not. In fact, they all have a different prefix, meaning 2001:x:C:y::/64 (the third group is "C", not "B" as I would expect it. Also the "y" is identical in all addresses). This prefix is not shown in my HE Account nor anywhere else. Can someone elaborate on that?


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