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Any news on pptp beta and possibility of eu dns server?

Started by sttun, June 22, 2010, 11:41:56 AM

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hello, I noticed the PPTP tunnel (beta)
http://www.tunnelbroker.net/forums/index.php?topic=942.msg4978#msg4978 and decided to try it,so i created a tunnelat ams1 and it works great (nice to be able toplay aroubd with ipv6 on slow day at work). Nowcomes the guestion,as I want to demoipv6 at a some friends,an of corse the have som locked down pos router (as in no dmz host and no bridge mode) the pptp sulotion seems perfect, but forsome resom or the othetr trere routes go hopless ways. It seems the only good (low and consistent rtt) is to Stockholm sp the question is: What us the status for the ip allocations so stockholm can get pptp?

On a other note: can HE pleace put up a cashing dns in europe as  a lot of content distribution including youtube uses the location of the dns server to determine closest server. The reason for me wanting to run this over ipv6 is so that my ISP and there partners eventual (wen more people do that same as me) will notice the incresed flow of 6in for( or as the case may be: pptp with 6in4 as payload) finally will get on with ipv6 implementation before it is to late.   As things are now most people will say "youtube on ipv6 lags (=ipv6 sucks) i will not use it.


I can respond about the second part. We have anycasted caching recursors at every pop location with a tunnel-server. In fact if you look at your tunnel's details, you'll see caching NS IPs listed for you to use. This includes Europe.