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Show off your shirt! ***PHOTOS ONLY***

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That first batch of T-Shirts should be out now, so feel free to share a pic of you in it!

I'll go first, including my personal gear on native IPv6  8)

And lets try and keep it to t-shirt photo posts :D

EDIT - I'm just cleaning up the text only posts and keeping the thread relevant. It isn't anything personal, I even removed my text only post.
EDIT #2 - More text only posts removed. Photos not text!

Just received mine in the mail about an hour ago :)

Took awhile due to many factors :(
Was busy this weekend, broke laptop screen on sunday, found camera had a dead microdrive monday.


One of my tunnels terminates in the Soekris to my right.
-- Pete

Taken after my presentation "Getting Started with IPv6" at Ohio LinuxFest 2010.


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