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IPv6 Hostname Problem

Started by steve1515, May 22, 2010, 05:08:36 PM

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Here's a little problem I'm having...
I have a server that is IPv6 capable, but one of the services (a web server built into some software) on this server is only IPv4 capable. The server has a hostname in DNS with both A and AAAA records.
When I connect from my Windows XP machine to this webserver it is very slow. I'm assuming it's resolving the AAAA first and trying that and then falling back to the A record. This happens everytime I click a link on the site. So it's very, very slow to browse the site.

Is this typical and expected behavior?

What's the best way to solve this? My thought was to just make an additional DNS name with only an A record and use that, but I'm not sure that's the best way to go.

I appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks!  :)

EDIT: Just had a thought... a different hostname won't work since the SSL cert would fail.


The typical solution is to have a special hostname for the IPv6 version, and remove the AAAA from the main hostname.

You can't really prevent the client side from trying to connect to the IPv6 version of the site first.  Unless there's some browser extension you can use to do something like that (block a particular URL for IPv6 or something), but you'd need it on every client.

One thing you could possibly do is run a mini-web server on the IPv6 side that does a redirect or proxy or something. :P