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I would like to create a list of sites for checking your IPv4 address

Started by PatrickDickey, September 02, 2010, 11:57:40 AM

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I'm making an autoupdater (I realize there's one already available, but I'm trying to get some programming experience).  One feature that I want to use is if the user decides to have it automatically update their endpoint, that it checks to see if their IP Address has changed.  I've set a minimum of 20 minutes for the updates (which is about 10 minutes longer than the highest minimum that I've seen on automated IP Address checkers so far), so it won't DoS anyone (hopefully).

My question is, what are some sites that provide just a barebones IPv4 address?  These are what I have so far:


and I would like to get at least two more, if possible.  I also plan on posting the code from one site (their script for allowing you to put an IP Address checker on your site) up on my website.  If anyone has the actual javascript for getting the users' IP Address, that would be preferable also.

Thanks for any information, and have a great day:)


My generic homepages usually provide such - both hostname and IP address.  Here are my page snippets:

Using Apache's server-side includes:
   <TD> | </TD>
   <TD><!--#echo var="DATE_GMT" --></TD>
   <TD>IP Address </TD>
   <TD> | </TD>
   <TD><!--#echo var="REMOTE_ADDR" --> (Port <!--#echo var="REMOTE_PORT" -->)</TD>
</TR><TR><!--#if expr="'$REMOTE_HOST' != ''" -->
   <TD>Host Name</TD>
   <TD> | </TD>
   <TD><!--#echo var="REMOTE_HOST" --></TD>
</TR><TR><!--#endif -->
   <TD>JavaScript </TD>
   <TD> | </TD>
       document.write('Enabled'); // --></SCRIPT>

Using PHP:
printf(" &nbsp; | &nbsp; %s", $_SERVER['REMOTE_HOST']); ?>
Note the use of web server CGI variables -- and that they are the same variables regardless of the scripting language used.