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Sage T-Shirt to APO address?

Started by namtilaku, August 28, 2010, 05:08:03 AM

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Hello all!

Just got my Sage certification and am wondering if a T-shirt can be sent to an APO, AE (military post office, europe) address? 

I do not see "AE" as an option in the state/region dropdown box on the account info page.



It's annoying how often APO addresses are overlooked by ecommerce / web forms.  I'm pretty sure it's considered a U.S. destination for postage/shipping purposes, and Uncle Sam foots the bill to cross the ocean.


Just an update on this, the guys at HE have added that ability to enter APO addresses in the contact info form!



Wassup with the t-shirts anyways, any more going out or is that done with ?