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WRT54G v6 IPv6 Configuraton

Started by thas, April 27, 2009, 05:57:44 PM

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I currently own a Linksys WRT54G version 6 router. I am trying to setup a IPv6 tunnel from XP using the HE service, however the router seems to be not forwarding protocol 41. Out of the few threads I have seen on this, people say to install DD-WRT for ipv6 as it isn't supported out of the box. The problem? All Linksys routers after version 4 (v5, v6, v7 (not even supported) and v8) have only 2 MB of flash memory. The IPv6 stuff seems to require 4/8 MB of space.

Is it possible for me to still get the IPv6 feature in the router firmware somehow with such a low amount of memory? Otherwise, is there a way around this issue without directly plugging into the modem?



Finally found a solution!

To fix this problem, first flash DD-WRT micro. Then, enable DMZ to your local IP. Using DMZ with the normal firmware will not work (it didn't for me, anyway) - Once you do this, everything works perfectly.


Great post, thanks a lot! :D

I did exactly as you said with my WRT54G2 v1.0, it works like a charm! :)


Sorry for the old bump, but I tried to upgrade my WRT54G2 to DD-WRT micro, and set it to DMZ and it's not working still. I tried to configure my ipv6 to my LAN IP instead of WAN IP as well and no go... any help? Especially from tremor lol


I had the same problem...I flashed the micro build and still didn't have enough space to enable JIFFS so I could do IPv6

If you've been able to install IPv6 and are still stuck, some configs and tunnel info would be helpful