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Routed /48 doesn't work

Started by rcastell, October 25, 2010, 12:41:37 AM

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I've just set up a Linux gateway as a tunnel endpoint and while the routed /64 works fine, I can't seem to get the routed /48 to work.

My routed /64 is 2001:470:1f15:dc0::/64. I can reach ipv6.google.com from a PC in this network.

My routed /48 is 2001:470:d42a::/48. I've created a /64 subnet, 2001:470:d42a:1::/64, and added 2001:470:d42a:1::1 to the inside interface on the router. Ping or traceroute does not work if I specify an address in this net as the source address:

router:~# traceroute -s 2001:470:d42a:1::1 ipv6.google.com
traceroute to ipv6.google.com (2a00:1450:8003::6a), 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
1  * * *
2  * * *
3  * * *
30  * * *

If I specify the address in the /64 network as the source address, everything works:

router:~# traceroute -s 2001:470:1f15:dc0::1 ipv6.google.com
traceroute to ipv6.google.com (2a00:1450:8003::6a), 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
rcastell-1.tunnel.tserv11.ams1.ipv6.he.net (2001:470:1f14:dc0::1)  43.526 ms  43.279 ms  43.083 ms
gige-g2-20.core1.ams1.he.net (2001:470:0:7d::1)  43.322 ms  43.529 ms  43.542 ms
pr61.ams04.net.google.com (2001:7f8:1::a501:5169:1)  72.027 ms  43.524 ms  43.589 ms
4  2001:4860::1:0:8 (2001:4860::1:0:8)  44.347 ms  44.361 ms  44.382 ms
5  2001:4860::1:0:2a (2001:4860::1:0:2a)  48.165 ms  47.947 ms  47.770 ms
6  2001:4860::34 (2001:4860::34)  47.142 ms 2001:4860::35 (2001:4860::35)  42.476 ms 2001:4860::34 (2001:4860::34)  41.740 ms
7  2001:4860:0:1::2b (2001:4860:0:1::2b)  51.277 ms  51.085 ms  48.966 ms
8  2a00:1450:8003::6a (2a00:1450:8003::6a)  42.775 ms  42.090 ms  42.884 ms

I this a routing issue at HE, or am I missing something here?


Make sure you didn't typo your /48 address.  Otherwise, it's probably a routing issue at HE, or an issue with your ipv6 firewall (if any).

Also,  FYI u can use subnet 0.  I.e.  2001:470:d42a::/64


I copied and pasted the address from the Tunnel Details page to make sure there were no typos. All ip6tables chains are empty and the policies are all set to "accept".

Now to figure out how to report this to HE.



Did you get this resolved?  Having the exact same problem.....can't get the /48 to work.  It appears that HE has routing issue...not returning packets to my assigned /48.


Boy I feel dumb......had everything correct...just forgot to  enable "ipv6 unicast -routing"...life is good now :)