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Mail test not functioning?

Started by Cloudmaster, October 18, 2010, 03:36:49 PM

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I'm trying to get from Enthusiast to Administrator status & I've tried twice to have a user code emailed to me but nothing's come through.  My mail server (Sendmail) is listening on IPv6 & I'm sure my DNS is up to scratch so I don't know where else to look


Try going to the http://www.tunnelbroker.net/main.php main page, log in and use the "IPv6 Portscan" utility under "User Functions" (top left). You should be able to scan your IPv6 mailer on port 25...if this fails it's probably a firewall thing?

Also ensure you have your MX setup correctly for your domain...
This may help


luke is right...and if you post some more info, one of us will try and help too


Thanks for the replies, tried the portscan thing but that only portscans HE tunnels, my mail, DNS & everything else are on IPv6 enabled VPS's from various companies.

Trying to try the mail verification again this morning but the page has been on 'Sending' for about 10 minutes.

Here's a few URL's that checked my DNS etc., thelake.me is the domain I'm tring to send emails to, randomlittlehost.com is the domain all the servers operate under



Could rDNS be an issue here?  Not sure if that's up to scratch yet

Edit:  Just reset the test & tried again, mail came through as quick as anything so I'm now an administrator  ;D

Edit again:  Flew through to professional status, trying to get to Guru status but system claims it can't find AAAA records for NS, I'm sure they're up to scratch


Final edit!!!  All test have now gone through successfully, I'm now a sage  ;D


I'm having an issue acquiring the email being sent for administrator. I Used wire shark and i can see the packet on my computer im using james apache server.
But when i setup my email for hustleman.info I do not receive anything from the server. but via wire shark i can see the email coming in as smtp and the data is lost in space somewhere i guess. any help would be great i was able to acquire administrator by looking at the packet via wire shark. but I would like to continue on and make it to sage. any help the instructions i followed are on a website,



Please stick to one post so the people helping you don't get confused