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Fun with IPv6

Started by stewartclannet, July 15, 2008, 11:19:12 AM

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I've been having a lot of fun with IPv6, specifically in using the HE.net tunnel broker with my Cisco 871 router.  I've deployed an IPv6-only DMZ behind my ASA 5505 (network map here: http://www.nettiki.com/?q=node/275 and here: http://www.nettiki.com/?q=node/286 ) where my web server, mail server, etc., reside.  I have a couple of posts on my site if anyone's interested (plug IPv6 into the search box) and I've even managed to find a domain registrar that was willing to register my AAAA IPv6 address for my web server.

Anyway, if anyone's interested, navigate over to http://ipv6.breezy.ca (IPv6-only version of site) or http://www.nettiki.com



What software did you use for your diagram? That's one I don't think I've seen before.


It's just Powerpoint, but using Cisco's graphics.  /Eric


Hmm really... I've never seen that particular icon set before. They ones I've seen arent isometric like that.