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New tunnel to Amsterdam ?

Started by ricrjhl, January 15, 2011, 02:48:33 PM

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There seems to be a potential misunderstanding. There is no exhaustion of tunnels or /48s with our broker. The tunnel-servers have a soft-limit on the number of tunnels that we can increase after reviewing traffic stats and load on the nodes. Regarding /48s, as of me typing this right now we've allocated maybe 1/5th of our /32 to tunnels. The issue is with how we hardcoded the size of /48 pools to the nodes. This is getting worked on to be resolved so more /48s can be made available to each node. As it is, we'll probably open up another 1000 slots for tunnels, on the tunnel-servers currently not selectable, after some more review. However that won't make more /48s available if that pool is fully utilized on that particular node.

Edit - And bumped up FMT2, FRA1, AMS1.