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Badgr integration

Started by gregu6, December 20, 2021, 04:16:56 AM

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Hello all,
  i wanted to share an idea. Would you think it would be beneficial to create a badge track on 'badgr' with HE IPv6 certification ? In addition to the nice cert on website, it would be possible to receive a skill badge from badgr.

One can hold of course many badges etc, that come from different parties, the screenshot below is from my account,  you can see i received some other ones too, but  i also quickly created myself a 'new sample he ipv6 sage' badge. It's just a sample, so i just pasted a picture from he website instead of drawing something really nice.

Badges can be of course shared on different social platforms as well.

We could try to make some nice logos for every level, do descriptions etc.
I have created the sample just for my own use, (i will delete it afterwards of course, i  am not trying to impersonate this certification/he ;) ).

I created a quick sample how would that look like.