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Shared Hosting Control panel?

Started by Dragon2611, February 08, 2011, 02:14:18 PM

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Does anyone know of any shared hosting control panels that have IPv6 support?

I know CPanel doesn't yet  :'(

Most of the underlying services (apache,exim.etc) do, but manually configuring for every website on a shared server would be a whole lot of pain.


I am in the same boat with you, but I use plesk.

The answer is to install webmin.  It will allow you to add v6 DNS records and so forth.  Just be careful with any of the vhost stuff as cpanel probably like plesk does its own stuff.  I just edit that stuff by hand.

Remember if you add any DNS records in cpanel or change and vhost settins you have to put them back in.



I know there are various workarounds and manual configs I could apply to IPv6 enable websites/services on those boxes if I so desired.

But given that this is essentially a production box (Albeit only hosting sites for friends.etc) I really don't want to be be resorting to manually editing config files and then crossing my fingers in the hope that some Vendor update to the control panel software doesn't then break the config.

Given that the orginal feature request for IPv6 support in cpanel was made back in 2005 it's not like they haven't had enough time to work on IPv6 support, so having the developers turn around and say in 2011 that they're working on IPv6 and they don't have an ETA is quite frankly a joke.

They've had 6 years to look into this  :-\