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Quagga BGP

Started by danclark, May 24, 2008, 09:29:41 AM

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This is probably going to sound a bit strange, but I wondered whether it would be possible to use BGP to announce my /48 and /64 with Quagga. At present, I have the /48 tunnel working ok - but am keen to see the whole IPv6 thing working with my own BGP Router (I guess the point is experimentation  ;))

Problem is, at present I have no ASN assigned to me as I do not peer with anyone at present on the IPv4 front and have no relationship with a LIR.

Can I request an ASN through HE? I know HE offer BGP tunnels - does this allow advertisement /48 and /64's?

Thanks for any information in advance!



We don't use private ASNs for tunnelbroker.net. If you want to run BGP with our service, you must already have a valid ASN. I thought ARIN offers something along the lines of an "experimental" IPv6/ASN allocation, but you'd have to check their site.


/64 is likely to be filtered so it wouldn't make much sense to annouce that...


Dan, did you every find an "experimental" ipv6 ASN? I'd be interested in getting one as well if such a thing exists. Advertising my /48 would be interesting... or at least keep me off the streets ;-)