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Speedtest over IPv6

Started by hacktics, June 29, 2010, 07:26:39 AM

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First of all: Thank you ppl of HE for providing me with IPv6 ... I'm a happy free Usenet IPv6 leecher now ;)

But then to my idea:
I think better internet connections with IPv6 tunnels should be rewarded. For this you should implement a speedtest. (Maybe serveral, for global coverage) The test is simple: Every Mbit over IPv6 tested should be awarded 1 point for downstream Mb and 3 points for every upstream Mb.
You provide the speedtest, we take the test from our IPv6 enabled hosts. Only 1 test per tunnel should be allowed. But there should be a reset option, for people who didn't configure IPv6 just right.
The test should be available in textmode browsers (I'm not installing a GUI on my servers ofcourse)
I have a 100Mbit FD connection on my webserver, which is tested and gets 80Mbit downstream aka 80 points and 75 upstream for 225 points. At home I have a 90/6Mbit cable connection which would award me 85 points downstream and 15 points upstream. (Given that are my actual results)
Ofcourse, the max total points should be higher to maintain a balance. People who have 1500 points now, should be able to increase stats to 2000 points with this test.
Just an idea. Let me know what you think of it.


That seems rather ridiculous to me. Completely unfair to the handful of people still using dial-up, and for those doing tunneling over a PPTP tunnel.



I'd have to agree.  I'm using my tunnel at work, and because of our geographical location, we have a hard time getting connectivity, leaving us with a large bill for not-so-fast speeds.  Also, your speeds depend greatly on the distance to your POP, which for me, is like two states over.


I think it is unfair. If points would be by your up/down-load speed, some people would need to do just 5 tests to reach 2000 from 1500, and for somebody it would take 100's of tests, which is no good at all. if it is certification, then everybody should be equal and have same chances to get certified with low/high broadband packages..
Remember, it is certification test, and not a cheating test ;)


I agree that this test will only measure bandwith and how much you pay your ISP.
This will not measure the IPV6 knowledge of anyone and also how much time and efort some one have placed on this subject. That probably is the bigger target for that certification program no?