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Tunnelbroker.net account deleted (account created and in full use since 2018)

Started by netfiretec, August 04, 2023, 05:00:58 PM

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Good evening administrators, my name is Leandro from France, I am speaking from Brazil.

I registered with Tunnelbroker at the end of 2017, including this account with IPv6 certification.

Last year I started noticing some anomalies regarding my account:

- Tunnels disappearing
- Tunnels without communication

Approximately 2 or 3 months ago my account was deleted, without prior notice!

Could you let me know what the problem was please?


My tunnel from 2016 mysteriously disappeared too in 2023. Guess I'm not the only one. I noticed it when my only tunnel stopped working suddenly. Had to make a new one. Seems like a bungled migration that resulted in a bunch of tunnels vanishing.