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NetFlow Analyzer with ipv6 support - FREE?

Started by johnpoz, May 06, 2011, 10:59:39 AM

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Looking for a free netflow analyzer that has ipv6 support, ability to run on windows would be a plus but not a requirement.  Looking for something that will collect data over time, not just small windows - the free one from solarwinds small window like 2 hours I think.  The one from manageengine is suppose to have ipv6 support - didn't see it working to be honest, and was sending flows using softflowd 9.8 running on my pfsense router.  Clearly it has support for sending ipv6 info, etc.

Currently using prtg since it much better than the manageengine one from my limited testing.

But would really like something to keep track of bandwidth and connections being made over ipv6.

Any suggestions of software or even other ways to do it other than with flows would be great.  pfsense running ipv6 is great for the tunnel, and does track ipv6 bandwidth - but does not give the history type info looking for with connections, bandwidth used by specific IPs, etc. etc.