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rDNS and ForwardDNS with BIND, and some heartaches

Started by bunarsrl, May 09, 2011, 11:49:13 AM

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Hello buddies. This is my first time writing a post here so if this ain't the right place to do, just let me know.

I've a tunnelbroker connection and I want to delegate the /64 and /48 they assigned us to our dns server.
We are running BIND 9.6. There are almost 100 zones on this server serving ipv4. I tried to configure a reverse zone for the /48 (2001:470:8cd1::/48) but it  seems not to work.

The same thing happens with forward zone. Always speaking about IPv6. IPv4 WORKS GREAT.

This is my reverse zone for the netblock: (2001:470:8cd1::/48)

File: /var/lib/bind/2001:470:8cd1::_48.rev

mgr01:/var/lib/bind# mgr01:/var/lib/bind# cat 2001:470:8cd1::_48.rev
$ttl 60
1.d.c.       IN      SOA     ns1.ipv6.bunarsrl.com.ar. dnsadmin.rosarioip.com.ar. (
                        60 )
1.d.c.       IN      NS      ns1.ipv6.bunarsrl.com.ar.       IN      PTR     ipv6.bunarsrl.com.ar.       IN      PTR     ns1.ipv6.bunarsrl.com.ar.       IN      PTR     ns2.ipv6.bunarsrl.com.ar.       IN      PTR     ns3.ipv6.bunarsrl.com.ar.       IN      PTR     ns4.ipv6.bunarsrl.com.ar.       IN      PTR     ns5.ipv6.bunarsrl.com.ar.

This is my fordwardzone for ipv6.bunarsrl.com.ar

mgr01:/var/lib/bind# cat ipv6.bunarsrl.com.ar.hosts
$ttl 60
ipv6.bunarsrl.com.ar.   IN      SOA     dns1.bunarsrl.com.ar. dnsadmin.rosarioip.com.ar. (
                        60 )
ipv6.bunarsrl.com.ar.   IN      NS      dns1.bunarsrl.com.ar.
ipv6.bunarsrl.com.ar.   IN      NS      ns1.ipv6.bunarsrl.com.ar.
ipv6.bunarsrl.com.ar.   IN      NS      ns2.ipv6.bunarsrl.com.ar.
ipv6.bunarsrl.com.ar.   IN      NS      ns3.ipv6.bunarsrl.com.ar.
ipv6.bunarsrl.com.ar.   IN      NS      ns4.ipv6.bunarsrl.com.ar.
ipv6.bunarsrl.com.ar.   IN      NS      ns5.ipv6.bunarsrl.com.ar.
ns1.ipv6.bunarsrl.com.ar.       IN      AAAA    2001:470:8cd1:32::41
ns2.ipv6.bunarsrl.com.ar.       IN      AAAA    2001:470:8cd1:33::41
ns3.ipv6.bunarsrl.com.ar.       IN      AAAA    2001:470:8cd1:34::41
ns4.ipv6.bunarsrl.com.ar.       IN      AAAA    2001:470:8cd1:35::41
ns5.ipv6.bunarsrl.com.ar.       IN      AAAA    2001:470:8cd1:36::41

Questions are:
a) Are those files right?
b) What am I doing wrong?
c) Does it something to do with .ar (ccTLD .ar domains)?
d) I splitted bunarsrl.com.ar (*.bunarsrl.com.ar) into 2 separates zone files: 1 for ipv4 and 1 for ipv6 (could it be an issue?)

Thanks in advanced.


You get reverse dns working at all?

I don't even see the ns servers i changed to being used in the traces.


Ran a couple more traces, he.net won;t let you do reverse on the /64 it seems, have to delegate a /48 and do reverse dns on that.

dig +qr www.isc.org any -x YOURIP +trace

should show you if they delegating or not to your nameserver, definately doesn't for /64, sigh.