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Windows XP with Firewall

Started by kamen, June 06, 2011, 02:57:16 AM

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I have Windows XP SP3 with firewall. When I try to create new tunnel I cant because I cant pass the ICMP checking on my IPv4 address. I'm enable all ICMP possible option in my firewall. I guess I have must normal work traceroute to me, but I cant enable it...

Somebody can help me to enable traceroute? Maybe I need to enable port range in the XP but I cant, because Windows not allow port ranges, only single port...
Thanks :-)


Does turning off the firewall solve anything?

Did you see this link?  http://help.med.unc.edu/faq/operating-systems/how-do-i-configure-the-windows-xp-firewall-to-allow-icmp-traffic

Keep in mind that ICMP doesn't use a port...it's a protocol


You would only have to make sure you windows firewall answers ping if its directly connected to the public net.  Is this the case, or are you behind a NAT?  If your behind a NAT the nat device will need to be set to allow ping.  Many soho routers for some asinine reason default to block pings.  If behind a nat device you wlll need to set it to respond to pings, atleast from the he server(s) and you will also need to forward protocol 41 to your xp box behind the nat to allow it to be the endpoint of the tunnel.