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test-ipv6.com seems to be down on ipv6 day?

Started by johnpoz, June 08, 2011, 06:26:13 AM

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I guess they are overloaded, which I take as a good sign of ipv6 progress?


I don't have a problem accessing them..I'm not sure they're as fast as they once were, but it only takes five - six seconds for my test to complete


Yeah its working now for me as well, but just before I posted I was getting connection reset, and I was clearly accessing ipv6 (just did a speed test for another thread) and page would load even when your not on ipv6 before.

But yeah its working for me as well now.  I will have to look around, prob is a place and have just not seen it yet where HE reports their tunnel traffic.  Would like to see how much it spikes today.


I haven't seen a page where they report their traffic. 

Gogo6 is saying they aren't seeing much of a spike

Mikel did share this link



good link - thanks.. clearly seems to be showing more traffic today then yesterday ;)

Yeah I couldn't find a place where HE reports traffic either.