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An answer to the "Google Apps doesn't have an AAAA MX record" finally

Started by coffeegonewrong, July 04, 2011, 09:08:17 PM

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I have Google Apps set up for my email server out of convenience. However, I now know they won't support IPv6 incoming mail. Not yet at least.   After much searching and hmming and hawing over trying to set up an MTA on a Linux box just to pass that test, I have an answer.  Disclaimer though, this is a company that likes to be paid, however all I have is a free level account, so I am posting this to be helpful.  If you like their service maybe pay them.

If you visit http://rollernet.us and sign up for a free account, they offer a Secondary MX service with full IPv6!  I added it to my MX records around 40 priority, set up the forwarder to allow all ( since I didn't need spam filtering) and laughed when my test email came through minutes later.  Not bad for free, and definitely simple to set up.

Let me know if this helped.  ;D