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setting up a tunnel broker

Started by stefanihe, September 15, 2011, 11:02:25 PM

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I've had a tunnel from HE for a few years now.  I've used it now and then.

I get how to do it, but what I'd like to know is how the tunnel broker's end is set up.

I get an address like 2001:470:abcd:1234::2/64 and the remote IPv4 address.

What does HE do?  I'm guessing they make an analogous 2001:470:abcd:1234::1  gateway on a tunnel device and enable forwarding.  but ..
there must be more, no? 

I'm really curious how this would be done on a BSD or linux box.



The thread does not provide the 'solution'

Of course, they use 6in4 tunnel.

Perhaps I don't have all of the routing magic in place.

I can set up arbitrary tunnels, and ping6 tunnel ends, for the most part.
It is the next hop that never happens  :(

and HE has it "automated" 

If I figure it out I'll post it.


Setting up a tunnel server can be accomplished on a variety of platforms.

As for the question of setting up an actual tunnel broker, ours is proprietary and written in-house, so obviously we aren't sharing that with anyone.