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Dlink dir-825

Started by Jim Whitby, August 13, 2011, 08:54:20 PM

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Jim Whitby

For anyone interested in an inexpensive wireless router that does ipv6 tunneling.

The Dlink dir-825 rev b, for about $100 ( on-line ) works well.

Update the firmware from dlinks site, not through the update on the router.
The router update is a large file and will not install. The dlink site has it as two files, which work.

The menu items are simple to use and work well.


I've written up a tutorial/guide for configuring the 825 with some screenshots



This is very useful. Thanks.

It would be even more useful if you could create phony addresses to replace those you have blanked out in both the HE page and the dir-825 page?



Updated post with using the DIR-825 and Comcast native IPv6 for residential service http://ipvsix.me/?p=220