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Preferred address in XP (with two tunnels)

Started by normanr, October 06, 2008, 03:08:04 PM

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I have two tunnels to my linux firewall (1=2001:470:1f07:x/64 and 2=2001:470:8:y/64).  Now the linux firewall routes packets correctly based on source address (src addr 1 goes via tunnel 1, and srd addr 2 goes via tunnel 2).

My problem is that I want src addr 1 (the existing one), to be the preferred address.  For some reason XP has decided that the new address should be preferred :-(

So my question is: is there some black magic to tell XP to prefer a certain source address, when both addresses have the same global reached-ness.  (prefix policy and rfc 3484 don't seem to be helping here).

Or should I just give up, and swap my two tunnels IPv4 endpoints around so that my new prefix goes to my old IPv4 address endpoint, etc?


FYI: I didn't look too much further, I just swapped the tunnel endpoints around, and reconfigured the routers.

If anyone does find out, please post it here in case anyone else needs to know in future.