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Edimax router DDNS

Started by kasperd, August 23, 2011, 01:33:59 PM

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I was helping an acquaintance configuring a router which was of a brand called Edimax. It appeared that this router completely lacked IPv6 support (hardly surprising considering how few routers support it).

However in the list of DDNS providers supported by this router I noticed ipv6.he.net. I couldn't find any documentation on what that might mean. Judging from the name I assume it is not just yet another provider of dynamic A records that the router can automatically update. But what other functionality could it be providing that this router can make use of, considering it doesn't support IPv6?

Does anybody here know what this feature does, and how to sign up for it (in case it is something useful)?


It is most likely for http://dns.he.net
That page explains the DDNS support with the service.