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Cert level break downs

Started by broquea, December 20, 2008, 04:43:34 AM

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NewB: Read the primer, be able to answer some quick and easy questions.

Explorer: Verify that you can access an IPv6 website (ours!)

Enthusiast: Verify that you have an IPv6 capable web server that we can connect to and fetch information from. This should be entered as a FQDN and not an IPv6 address.

Administrator: Verify that you have a working IPv6 capable MTA by sending you an email only over IPv6.

Professional: Verify that your MTA has working reverse DNS (ex: dig mx $domain +short ; dig aaaa $mx +short ; dig -x $mxAAAA +short)

Guru: Verify that the authoritative NS for your domain have AAAA records, and respond to queries for the domain (ex: step 1 is dig ns $domain ; dig aaaa $ns | step 2 is dig aaaa $domain @$nsAAAA)

Sage: Check to see if your domain's authoritative NS have IPv6 glue with their listed TLD servers. Meaning the TLD server can directly answer for the host record (ex: dig +trace ns $domain to get the TLD server list then dig aaaa $ns @TLD for the glue).


Recently modified the sending IPv6 email, so EXIM and Exchange users shouldn't be having issues right now. Still working on greylisting issue. If you use either and still have problems getting the test email, please email ipv6@he.net with any details.