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Help I cant get my IP to work on the IPv4 Endpoint. ICMP

Started by camosniper, October 08, 2011, 09:59:37 AM

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I am trying to get a tunnel for IPv6. I have tried my IP from WhatsMyIp.org and it says it is not ICMP pingable. I allowed ICMP from my firewall. I am on a win7 laptop and my ISP is AT&T.  ;D >:( :o


Have you tried bypassing your router and plugging directly into your modem? Have you tried temporarily disabling your firewall? Its always possible that your ISP has blocked ICMP for some reason if everything else fails.


Agreed.  Also make sure you allow imp through the win7 firewall


You've got the exact same hardware I do, and everybody seems to have the same problem. Since no one has posted in 120 days apparently no one is coming fourth with an answer which means I'm DONE trying to get IPv6 certified! Thanks for all your help Hurricane.


You're complaining about a free service when you didn't even bother to post your own thread? I don't think you have much to complain about