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Weird behaviour on Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3.6.15

Started by jcarcavallo, June 17, 2011, 09:43:38 PM

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Hi Guys,

I have a very weird issue on one of my machines (It's a win ultimate 7 64bits), my ie8 and firefox 3.6.15 isn't working even if I am able to telnet to IPV6 hosts on port 80 like ipv6.google.com, I have tested in another Win 7 (But 32 bits) on my lab here at home, and also from my linux machines works all good.
Only on my this win 7 64 it doesnt work, I have tried also using http://[2001:4860:b009::63] <= IPV6 address from ipv6.google.com without sucess.

You know what was my surprise, if I enable fiddler (web debugger that actualy load a proxy) start working instantaneously, as soon as I close Fiddler and I check if the proxy config its gone, it goes back to not working with IPV6 sites. Same behavior with Firefox.

I was suspecting that my spybot search&destroy was causing that issue, but first I removed the protections didnt fixed the issue. At the end I have uninstalled it, but still with same problem (after uninstall/reboot).

I am using to test the issue the following sites:
http://ipv6.carcavallolabs.com/ <= my web site

If any one have any idea on how to fix that not reinstalling the machine  ;D, I appreciate it.

Kind regards,

Juan Carcavallo


are you running some sort of firewall or antivirus software? You said you're able to traceroute to those sites?


Quote from: cholzhauer on June 18, 2011, 06:13:26 AM
are you running some sort of firewall or antivirus software? You said you're able to traceroute to those sites?

Yes I can tracert, ping, ssh, ftp, telnet to port 80 all on IPV6, the only way that I am able to use these 2 web browsers on IPV6 is if I enable fiddler (A very nice web debugger - freeware).

And isnt a DNS issue because the same behaviour happen with http://[IPV6 address] on both browsers.

I have a network firewall at home, but the problem is local to that machine. All my other machines (Win, linux and Mac) here in my lab at home works just perfect.

I have already uninstalled my antivirus and also spybot search & destroy, didnt fixed the issue.

Thats a tuff one no?


I have updated Internet Explorer to version 9 - Same issue. :(

I have updated Firefox to version 5 - Same issue. :(

Installed Opera 11.11 - Works fine. ;D

Installed Safari 5.0.5 - Works fine. ;D

I will keep updating this post on my investigation. Maybe one day can be useful to someone else.


I have give up trying to find the root cause of that weird issue.
I had to reinstall my machine to be able to use IPV6 on that machine, will never know why this was happening.  :(