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Broken/Unavailable routes

Started by oyvinds, October 11, 2011, 01:25:01 PM

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There are a few websites I visit regularly who just don't work with IPv6.
www.infowars.com, 2001:4870:6003:3::10 is one.

traceroute shows 
10gigabitethernet1-2.core1.nyc1.he.net (2001:470:0:37::2)  130.039 ms  125.361 ms  125.455 ms
8  2001:504:1::a500:4323:1 (2001:504:1::a500:4323:1)  124.712 ms  125.326 ms  125.948 ms
9  2001:506:8:0:168:215:52:36 (2001:506:8:0:168:215:52:36)  171.622 ms  168.109 ms  169.165 ms
10  * * *

2001:4870::/31 = tw telecom

Where are tunnel users supposed to report broken routes like this?


It appears broken somewhere in TW.  I'll look for someone over there to poke.  If you can, you can also try to get the TW customer to ask about it.  That's usually the quickest way to get resolution.