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Configuring a tunnel under Cisco & Juniper & Vyatta & Alcatel

Started by broquea, February 08, 2008, 02:03:56 PM

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Users will always be able to view the example configurations provided in the tunnelbroker.net interface, however we also wanted to make them available on the forums. I'll cover the Cisco & Juniper & Vyatta commands used. I won't be using valid IPv4/IPv6 information in the examples, but the example configurations in the broker's interface will provide the full commands with your relevant account information.

Legend of variables:
$ipv4a = tunnel server's IPv4 IP
$ipv4b = user's IPv4 IP
$ipv6a = tunnel server's side of point-to-point /64 allocation
$ipv6b = user's side of point-to-point /64 allocation

interface tunnel0
description Hurricane Electric IPv6 Tunnel Broker
no ip address
ipv6 enable
ipv6 address $ipv6b
tunnel source $ipv4b
tunnel destination $ipv4a
tunnel mode ipv6ip
ipv6 route ::/0 tunnel0

interfaces {
   gr-1/0/0 {
        unit 0 {
            tunnel {
                source $ipv4b;
                destination $ipv4a;
            family inet6 {
                address $ipv6b;
rib inet6.0 {
   static {
       route ::/0 {
           $ipv6a ;

edit interfaces tunnel tun0
set encapsulation sit
set local-ip $ipv4b
set remote-ip $ipv4a
set address $ipv6b/64
set description "HE.NET IPv6 Tunnel"
set protocols static interface-route6 ::/0 next-hop-interface tun0

Alcatel Lucent Omniswitch 6850
ipv6 interface hetunnel tunnel 1
ipv6 interface hetunnel tunnel source $ipv4b destination $ipv4a
ipv6 address $ipv6b/64 hetunnel
ipv6 static-route ::/0 gateway $ipv6a


This was submitted by user techniq for his NetScreen 5GT:

set interface tunnel.1 zone Untrust
set interface tunnel.1 ipv6 mode host
set interface tunnel.1 ipv6 ip $ipv6b/64
set interface tunnel.1 ipv6 enable
set interface tunnel.1 tunnel encap ip6in4 manual
set interface tunnel.1 tunnel local-if untrust dst-ip $ipv4
unset interface tunnel.1 ipv6 nd nud
set interface tunnel.3 ipv6 nd dad-count 0
set route ::/0 interface tunnel.1 gateway $ipv6a



A user of ours submitted a Vyatta example configuration. Updated this thread's top post and added it to example configurations inside the broker.