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webserver ipv6

Started by gudboy1, January 01, 2012, 05:30:19 AM

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now i get the connectivity of ipv6 in the network, suppose i want to have web server ipv6, my website is xxx.xxxxxx.ac.id how to migrate it to ipv6.xxx.xxxxxx.ac.id? what shud i do?


create a dns record for whatever you want your site to be called, then tell your webserver to listen for that address.  It's basically the same thing you would do if you wanted to rename your site for an ipv4 connection

Jim Whitby

If I understand your question correctly.

Add a aaaa record to your dns for the name of your existing web site.

If the web server you have is capable of ipv6, you need do nothing else.

If you need/want a special address then add the special address ( ipv6.domainname.suf ) to dns.

Provide the complete name of the site or ipv6 address and someone will tell you if it works.