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IRC Filter

Started by seviro, December 25, 2011, 05:27:23 PM

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So i see HE have a new policy regarding IRC abuse and how they are filtering it on new tunnels only. Well my old tunnel (Had it for months) wasn't being filtered to the other day they decided to filter it? So my brother thought it was a tunnel mess up as he couldn't get on IRC so made a new tunnel.

Why did HE decide to filter my Tunnel? Yet i've emailed them and they don't care and mentioned " SAGE " yes i'll do that but i've lost IRC access for no REASON!

Why are you punishing the good users? We use our tunnel for my home ADSL so hardly gonna abuse IRC

I hope HE lift this crazy idea or kindly remove my IRC Filter, i love there service but i may have to move away.



We haven't put any manual filters in place. Only new tunnels created after October had it automatically enabled. Perhaps if you had contacted us before deleting your tunnels and creating new ones, we could have looked at it. Since you provided no information about your account, when I searched on the email address you contacted us from, I saw an account created Dec. 24th, which would have obviously been IRC blocked. Looking at the account you are posting from now, yeah we see older, now deleted tunnels, and probably could have helped and checked what was going on for your tunnel created in July, then deleted on Dec. 24th. However you deleted it then proceeded to create new tunnels under the enforcement.

IRC will not be manually removed, and policy is that Sages get it unblocked. If you do not like the policy on the Free IPv6 Tunnels we offer, you aren't forced to use the service.