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Why so many drops on NYC server?

Started by scott, October 06, 2008, 04:41:01 PM

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I have been noticing a lot of connection drops on the NYC server over the past 3 weeks.  They last for 2-5 min, but are inconvenient nonetheless...  Many times they occur on Sunday's, but just like today, seem to be random.  Are you doing fixes to the servers or testing?  If testing, isn't there a seperate environment for that?


We don't test on the live tunnel-servers, other than to verify connectivity through them.

The current platform has an issue that we are trying to work out before rolling out a new update. This involves working with vendors, and will take more time until everything is sorted. Until then, we continue to monitor the tunnel-servers and work to resolve connectivity issues for tunnelbroker.net users when they arise.