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Adding a /55 seems to have created a /52 SOA instead of two /56.

Started by cnst, February 22, 2012, 12:09:39 PM

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I'm an AT&T U-verse FTTU (BPON) customer, and I have a /27 Static IP address package from AT&T.  I've tried adding the corresponding /55 6rd (as in, /60 - (/32 - /27) = /55) to dns.he.net in order to try out how the rDNS management at dns.he.net works, but it seems like this has created a /52 SOA on ns1.he.net., instead of creating a /55 as (one would presume) two /56.

Am I supposed to manually add two /56 instead of adding a /55 once?

P.S. I haven't gotten the delegation from at&t yet, and I'm not sure if they even do give it out — seems like their own SOA for 2602:300::/24 (ATT-6RD) is quite dated, nearly 6 months ago.  But then again: does anyone even know that AT&T has a working 6rd in place?  Seems like about the only way to find out about it is from other users on various community sites! 7200 IN SOA ns1.swbell.net. postmaster.swbell.net. 2011090700 10800 900 604800 7200

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