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Author Topic: Adding a /55 seems to have created a /52 SOA instead of two /56.  (Read 4380 times)


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Adding a /55 seems to have created a /52 SOA instead of two /56.
« on: February 22, 2012, 12:09:39 PM »


I'm an AT&T U-verse FTTU (BPON) customer, and I have a /27 Static IP address package from AT&T.  I've tried adding the corresponding /55 6rd (as in, /60 - (/32 - /27) = /55) to in order to try out how the rDNS management at works, but it seems like this has created a /52 SOA on, instead of creating a /55 as (one would presume) two /56.

Am I supposed to manually add two /56 instead of adding a /55 once?

P.S. I haven't gotten the delegation from at&t yet, and I'm not sure if they even do give it out seems like their own SOA for 2602:300::/24 (ATT-6RD) is quite dated, nearly 6 months ago.  But then again: does anyone even know that AT&T has a working 6rd in place?  Seems like about the only way to find out about it is from other users on various community sites!

Code: [Select] 7200 IN SOA 2011090700 10800 900 604800 7200

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