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Windows 8 and RFC6106

Started by ranpha franboise, March 02, 2012, 02:59:50 AM

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ranpha franboise

Did anyone here is testing the Windows 8 CP? Want to know if Windows 8 finally support RFC6106. If it doesn't, I think I will stay with Windows 7...


no clue. i have the RDNSS entry in radvd but i'm not even sure that it's implemented in dd-wrt. so far it seems to work just as before.


I've been useing Windowz Eight. I haven't tested IPv6, or tunneling yet. Although PfSense does alright for mem since it now native ipV6 ... 

Has anyone heard about Tizen from Intel, It's a distro still in early developement and we welcome any MASTER SAGES :) to get involved and get HE.net included into Tizen. https://developer.tizen.org/ .

Kinda funny how even these new OS are figuring out ipv6 still.. No one really set the standard.
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