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HE.NET DDNS and IPv6 Tunnel Update all at once?

Started by dsummerscox, March 24, 2012, 09:02:28 AM

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Thanks to HE for both great free DNS service and great IPv6 tunnel access!  Awesome!

Is there a way to both update the HE.NET DDNS and the Ipv6 Tunnel Update all at once?

For instance, I have a D-LINK DIR-825 that has only one entry available for DDNS.

It looks to me like I could either:

1. Update the HE.NET DDNS entry, or
2. Update the HE.NET IPv4 Tunnel Endpoint for IPv6

but not both?

Or am I mis-understanding how it all works?

If there is not one update that can update both via HE.NET, then is it possible to do something like this via DNS-O-MATIC?


Bumping this, as I too, am curious how this can be "combined" into a single step.


Look under the Advanced tab on the tunnel you'd want to do this with.


I set it successfully. Just add the hostname and updatekey. then click "save" and then click "Refresh". :D