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No SOA records exist

Started by Atherleybc, July 14, 2012, 10:15:59 AM

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I've been trying to set up the free DNS for my club and have totally failed. The actual site is on Google Apps Sites and I've followed their instructions. I've waited several days for DNS propagation as I thought that could be the problem, but no joy.

It's actually more complicated than I've said: A month ago I moved the registrar for the site. The WhoIs query now shows the new registrar Tag, but with the old registrar details like Name Servers.  The club site has been working up to last week when I guess the old registrar must have removed the details from their Name Server.

When I do a DNS query I get the reply 'No SOA records exist for atherleybc.co.uk'.

A dump of the raw data from dns/he.net is shown below:
Can anyone spot what I'm doing wrong???

atherleybc.co.uk.   86400   IN   SOA   ns1.he.net. hostmaster.he.net. (
               2012071402   ; Serial
               10800   ; Refresh
               1800   ; Retry
               604800   ; Expire
               86400 )   ; Minimum TTL
atherleybc.co.uk.   3600   IN   NS   ns1.he.net.
atherleybc.co.uk.   3600   IN   NS   ns2.he.net.
atherleybc.co.uk.   3600   IN   NS   ns3.he.net.
atherleybc.co.uk.   3600   IN   NS   ns5.he.net.
atherleybc.co.uk.   3600   IN   NS   ns4.he.net.
atherleybc.co.uk.   3600   IN   MX   21 MAIL.atherleybc.co.uk.
atherleybc.co.uk.   3600   IN   MX   1 ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM.
atherleybc.co.uk.   3600   IN   MX   5 ALT1.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM.
atherleybc.co.uk.   3600   IN   MX   5 ALT2.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM.
atherleybc.co.uk.   3600   IN   MX   10 ASPMX2.GOOGLEMAIL.COM.
atherleybc.co.uk.   3600   IN   MX   10 ASPMX3.GOOGLEMAIL.COM.
atherleybc.co.uk.   3600   IN   A
atherleybc.co.uk.   3600   IN   A
atherleybc.co.uk.   3600   IN   A
atherleybc.co.uk.   3600   IN   A
www.atherleybc.co.uk.   3600   IN   CNAME   ghs.GOOGLE.COM.
sites.atherleybc.co.uk.   3600   IN   CNAME   ghs.GOOGLE.COM.
docs.atherleybc.co.uk.   3600   IN   CNAME   ghs.GOOGLE.COM.
calendar.atherleybc.co.uk.   3600   IN   CNAME   ghs.GOOGLE.COM.
start.atherleybc.co.uk.   3600   IN   CNAME   ghs.GOOGLE.COM.


DNS isn't pointing to the HE.NET nameservers:

   Name servers:

   WHOIS lookup made at 18:23:14 14-Jul-2012

dig +trace shows:

atherleybc.co.uk.       172800  IN      NS      ns1.ukwebdns.net.
atherleybc.co.uk.       172800  IN      NS      ns2.ukwebdns.net.
;; Received 82 bytes from in 474 ms

co.uk.                  71938   IN      NS      ns6.nic.uk.
co.uk.                  71938   IN      NS      ns2.nic.uk.
co.uk.                  71938   IN      NS      ns4.nic.uk.
co.uk.                  71938   IN      NS      nsa.nic.uk.
co.uk.                  71938   IN      NS      ns3.nic.uk.
co.uk.                  71938   IN      NS      nsb.nic.uk.
co.uk.                  71938   IN      NS      nsd.nic.uk.
co.uk.                  71938   IN      NS      nsc.nic.uk.
co.uk.                  71938   IN      NS      ns7.nic.uk.
co.uk.                  71938   IN      NS      ns1.nic.uk.
co.uk.                  71938   IN      NS      ns5.nic.uk.
;; Received 496 bytes from in 143 ms


Thanks broquea.
Yes I see that. The servers that it's pointing to are from the old domain registrar, who we no longer have an account with.
I think that we moved to the new domain registrar, they should have change or released this, but they want us to pay them annually for DNS hosting.


No. You have to change the delegation manually.


Hi snarked,
Thanks for your reply.
How can I change the delegation manually - I don't have access to the registrar's files?

I thought that the fact that WhoIs returns that the site is registered but the SOA lookup returns 'no record found' means that the site can have HE.NET as it SOA and that is set up at the HE.NET's free DNS portal. But you're implying that it is set up as part of the original domain registering process.

I don't know the details of the domain registering process but it looks like the new registrar has left the old registrar's name servers in place instead of setting them to  "No name servers listed."

If that is the case, will I be better off getting them set to "No name servers listed." OR getting them set to ns1.he.net & ns2.he.net?


Contact your current registrar and tell them to remove the old nameservers, and add the HE nameservers. If they offer a web portal, like almost any major registrar does, you can do this all yourself.


Thanks again broquea,
I'll do exactly as you suggest.
Unfortunately they don't offer a web portal so it'll have to be done by them.
I assume that the 2 name servers to register are:ns1.he.net & ns2.he.net