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ripe replied me that i can get ipv4 from othe LIRs , need explanation :)

Started by Ahmed M. H. Alzaeem, October 07, 2012, 04:49:37 AM

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Ahmed M. H. Alzaeem

hi ,
i requested a solution to recive more ipv4 rather than  of /22 ,
ripe suggested another solution which is transferring ips from another LIR ,
actually i ve never try it ,
ripe gave me a list , and dont know how to request from transferring ips from other LIRS ,
any advice about this issue ???

here is the message below from ripe,

We offer the listing services where LIRs can list resources they would like to transfer:


We unfortunately cannot point towards any specific LIRs, the members list can be found here:



I'm not a RIPE member, so I cannot access the listing. Only the summary is available to the general public, which states that currently there are 8 /21 blocks available. Since you are supposedly a RIPE member already, login an find the list as explained in the FAQ from your link. Once you have found the list, you can see which LIRs are listing available blocks. Try to ask one of those if you can get a block transferred. You will probably have to pay a substantial amount of money to that LIR.

And remember, even if you can get enough IPv4 addresses to cover your own network, that won't help you communicating with networks who weren't able to. So you are going to need to start upgrading to IPv6 now anyway. Once you do start upgrading to IPv6 you can get another /22 from RIPE, which is probably going to be cheaper than anything you can get transferred from another LIR.