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Comcast and IPv6

Started by colonelf74, October 13, 2012, 08:39:51 AM

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IPv6 Final Report Card
In the hopes of making Comcast not look as foolish as I've perhaps
made them out to be, I thought I'd post this in both the Hurrican Electric
IPv6 Forums as well as Comcast's Support Forums.  I didn't help them
troubleshoot what may be a broken IPv4-to-IPv6 tunnel server of theirs,
but I did post my results.  :-)

As it turns out, I should've called Comcast a while ago.  Idiot me assumed
that since I'm a somewhat-recent switchover customer I'd already have the
latest/greatest cablemodem and could proceed to getting IPv6 up and running.
It turns out I had a DOCSIS 2.0 cablemodem that wouldn't give me the IPv6
time of day.

So here we go:

Cablemodem: Cisco DOCSIS 3.0 DPC3008
Router:     Apple Airport Extreme
Speed:      15 Mbps downlink / 2 Mbps uplink

IPv4 / IPv6 Transit: Comcast
IPv4 / IPv6 DNS:     Hurricane Electric
IPv4 / IPv6 NTP:     SIXXS

IPv6 Test Websites (test-ipv6.com, ipv6-test.com): Check
IPv4 Websites (BBC News, CNet, Twitter):           Check
IPv6 Websites (Facebook, Google, Yahoo! homepage): Check
XBox 360 / XBox Live:                              Check
XBox 360 / XBox Live / Halo: Reach:                Check

Why did I bother?  Well, about a year ago I noticed some pretty nasty
lag while gaming and thought I'd work on that.  With the size of the
route tables for IPv4 I'm not at all surprised that there's some noticable
latency issues on the Internet and I've seen it from both AT&T DSL and
Comcast Cable Internet.

I've got to say that now I'm very pleased with my native IPv6 performance,
the speeds I'm getting now are pretty amazing.


I almost forgot:

XBox 360 / XBox Live / Netflix:                    Check
IPv6 World Of Warcraft:                            Check