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D-Link DIR-615 (regular FW - not dd-wrt)

Started by asherp1981, November 20, 2012, 09:45:52 PM

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Hi guys.

I have DIR-615 router that I tried to configure for this service but I cant...
my network is: - my PC - my router

I used the example on site when is the ip of my pc:

netsh interface teredo set state disabled
netsh interface ipv6 add v6v4tunnel IP6Tunnel
netsh interface ipv6 add address IP6Tunnel 2001:470:4:cca::2
netsh interface ipv6 add route ::/0 IP6Tunnel 2001:470:4:cca::1

But it not working...
When I'm connecting the PC direct to Modem it working Perfect.

Where is my problem?
Thanks all :)


The 615 supports a 6in4 tunnel...why not put the tunnel on the router?


Agreed.  I terminate my home tunnel in the 615 as well.  There's no reason not to.