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Enthusiast level Certifications

Started by sujiths80, December 16, 2012, 11:51:11 AM

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I am Sujith, recently joined to the HE IPV6 certifications.I have cleared the Explorer level Certification and stuck in Enthusiast level certification.

I have basic understanding of Linux and networking but I stuck @ Enthusiast level certification.I need help for clearing this exam.Can somebody suggest how can I move forwards.Is it possible to clear this level without purchasing any Websites. I mean whether I can register for a domain space free of cost.All your suggestions are valuable to me and awaiting for some suggestions.




What is this level again?  What does the test require you to do?  Even if you don't need a domain for this test, you will need to have one for future tests.


It is the first test that requires you have a domain :) Tests that you know how to configure a webserver to host a site on IPv6.