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chained dynDNS update

Started by ltosolini, January 13, 2013, 07:01:10 AM

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I own domain inet6.biz
On the domain registrar I have configured:
with their respective IP
Then I have configured domain inet6.biz in the free HE dns service with
- A record: fritz.inet6.biz enabled for dynDNS
- AAAA record: fritz.inet6.biz
My fritz-box is correctly updating the tunnel end point of my tunnelbroker tunnel but I would like to chaining-update fritz.inet6.biz
When I go in tunnelbroker / tunnel details / advanced and type in hostname: fritz.inet6.biz I get this error
'Host does not seem to be delegated to: dns.he.net'
What am I missing?


If you had recently changed over the delegation, the tunnelbroker.net server may still have had the old NS delegation data cached, and therefore would throw you this error.  I've flushed the cache and it should accept the hostname at this time.


Indeed it is taken now!


Mr. kchocran . I'm having the same problem with host corei7.hmartinez.eng.br. I've changed the DNS delegation on my registrar 1.5 hrs ago and I'm also getting the "Host does not seem to be delegated to: dns.he.net" error. Can you also flush the cache this time? Thank you.


It's your responsibility to lower the TTL on the NS-RRs before you make the change.  Do it correctly and no flush is necessary.


I too have problem with my domain aizalathome.com. It has been more than 5 hours since I've changed the DNS delegation on my registrar and it still shows as "Host does not seem to be delegated to: dns.he.net"

I tried configuring my other domain aizalathome.info and within a few minutes it detected the changes in nameservers. So, I pretty much suspect my domain (aizalathome.com) is blocked.

Can you look at this and see if it is still the cache need a flushing? Appreciate it so much.


TTLs for that domain at the root are set to two days.

When someone has an entry cached, they keep it for up to the TTL prior to checking the record again.


The TTLs at the TLD servers may be fixed at one or two days (depending on the TLD), but once an authorative name server is reached, the authorative NS records from the TLD servers are supposed to be replaced with ANSWERED NS records, and thus the TTL is revised to whatever is in the zone.


Also met this problem. It has been almost a day since I changed my dns server to he.net.


I don't see any dynamic DNS update information associated with any of your tunnels.