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Traffic from an unregistered address pool?

Started by 3PS, March 13, 2013, 10:17:56 AM

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My firewall is blocking a large number of polls from the Russian Federation against my workstation on port 15032 (TeamViewer listens on that port).  In researching the source addresses of the polls I found one address that comes up a total unknown and I was wondering if anyone knows who the prefix is assigned to.  The address is:





The information is available via a "whois" lookup - and indicates France, not Russia.



Thank you both.  I was using a different lookup method.

This address is the one I was not able to resolve, the others were from the Russian Federation.  As it turns out I traced the source of the polls on the inside and found that tixati was running in the background on the workstation in question.  Apparently it was setup to use both IPV4 & IPV6.


Sometimes it's knowing about the right tool.  If all you've ever used is a pliers to pound in a nail, then someone shows you a hammer, you might say "huzzah!"  http://bgp.he.net/ip/ is one of those tools I never knew about before.  Thank you.