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Setup IPv6 in IPv4 tunnel on DLink DIR-615

Started by srijit92, March 24, 2013, 09:11:44 AM

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Jim Whitby

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What are the options?

DHCPv6 requires a dhcp server, which, I don't think, is in the router for ipv6 ( I have an 815 ).
If RDNSS is available, try it.


The local IPv4 address should match the tunnel ipv4 address at he.net.
On the tunnel broker page  ( create new tunnel ) it shows the ipv4 you have connected with, use that address for the router local ipv4 address and the ipv4 address of the tunnel.
( Presuming you are behind the router for the connection )



Hi srijit92, the video-tutorial was very helpful for me... :)
Thanks.. :)



srijit92 bhai... thank you ! Nice video tutorial.