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Can't connect with Time Capsule/Airport Router and PPPOE... :(

Started by timothybrown, April 14, 2013, 11:48:30 PM

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Hey guys, I've been interested and following IPV6 from the start. I had some spare time this evening so I decided to see if my ISP (Verizon DSL) supported native IPV6 yet and it doesn't appear that they do.

I decided to the next best thing was a tunnel, so I registered here and vent to set it up on my Time Capsule. I've got the configuration right, but it keeps giving me an "IPV6 Tunnel Error" which fusses about not being able to connect to the endpoint. When I ask it to take me to the problem it goes straight to the IPV4 Server line, which is odd because the address is correct.

After some fiddling I figured out the problem... Since this is DSL and I'm connecting via PPPOE, Verizon is handing me a new IP on each connect. This wouldn't be a big deal, expect for the fact that the Time Capsule won't retry the connection after the initial failure; so even if I update my IP on the site it does no good. :(

Is there any way to allow a partial wildcard for my IP or have my tunnel be in a "promiscuous" mode and accept any IP? This is a really frustrating problem.  >:(



We're not all fortunate enough to have access to several different ISPs. Sadly, I'm way out in the boonies right now with no means of escape in the foreseeable future. We're lucky to have DSL at all! The guy "next door" (half a mile up the road) to me is ineligible  due to the distance.

I actually get 3/512 service, which is not as horrible as I thought it would be, but a far cry from the 30/10 service I got on cable before I moved.

Trust me, if I could upgrade, I would. So, instead of unhelp advice, how about some actual help? ;)


6in4 tunnels are actually stateless, and the TC should still try and do its job even with an 'error'.  What firmware release are you on?  7.6.3 seems to have some issues in the IPv6 department, so in those cases, you may want to try 7.6.1 and see if this helps improve your situation.

As to updating the endpoint, there are several options, but the best would likely be to use a ddns client application, schedule it regularly on a system behind the TC and set it up as noted here: http://www.tunnelbroker.net/forums/index.php?topic=1994.0.  You'd want to use the auto-detect format.


Hmm, I am on 7.6.3... Let me give a downgrade a try, or do one of the work arounds.


Seems the issue wasn't with the 7.6.3 firmware, but with the 6.2 Airport Utility and how it interacts with 7.6.3.  Using AU 6.3 with the previously mentioned adjustments seems to be working now.