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Did I do something shady?

Started by j4jackj, August 13, 2013, 01:54:38 AM

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I used my dyndns subdomain (from when they were free) to complete the cert on, and the mail address was jack@mail.randvids.tk. I had to edit out the tisbjj part of my subdomain (tisbjj.dyndns.org) to get the glue test to work. Did I do something shady or otherwise wrong, or is the above 100% rule compliant?

To add to this, I use randvids.tk for everything.

I run my own servers at and 2001:470:1c:a3b::2 - one of them is an IRC server on port 17667.
randvids comes from the original aim of the domain, RANDom VIDeoS.
I run my own BIND setup at the aforementioned IPs.