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Seting up IPv6 with a windows server based router

Started by Trax, August 16, 2013, 12:48:58 AM

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I have a windows server 2008 r2 (student license) working in my home as router and I would like to setup it to provide IPv6 connectivity for my LAN through this tunnel service.

How do I do that?
Such that I don't have to configure it on each machine (all win 7 and one win 8 tablet) separately?



Follow the steps listed for Windows 7 and create your tunnel.  After that, use netsh commands to advertise your address range to other clients


QuoteAfter that, use netsh commands to advertise your address range to other clients
how I do that?


This was from Vista, but should be the same idea for 7.  Make sure you substitute your allocated range

Steps to configure host to act as IPv6 router

1.  In CMD type: netsh int ipv6 set interface IP6Tunnel forwarding=enabled
2.  Next, type: netsh int ipv6 set interface "Local Area Connection" forwarding=enabled advertise=enabled
3.  Next, add the first address of the routed IP address to the Local Area Connection
netsh int ipv6 add address "Local Area Connection" 2001:db8:8:a0a::1
4.  Next, add the default route and next hop for the tunnel and Local Area Connection, then publish it:
netsh int ipv6 set route 2001:db8:8:a0a::/64 "Local Area Connection" publish=yes
5.  Next, add the default route for the tunnel and publish it:
netsh interface ipv6 set route ::/0 IP6Tunnel 2001:db8:7:a0a::1 publish=yes


hmm... for now i fail on step one, i do the steps in the guid to enable the tunel but it doe snot work

I have a fritzbox router sitting infront of my windows router, but the iwndow router ist set as exposed host so everythign should be passed right to it.


ok, i have a tunnel, the router head an otion to setup it directly
but the routing is not working, my win server has IPv6 connectivity but non of the cleints behind get to use IPv6.

they get some address, but thats that no connection over it to outside I have probably adapted the ranges wrong,
any advice?


So you're hosting the tunnel on your fritzbox? If that's the case, you need to have it do ra, not your Windows machine.

What's your network look like?


The fritzbox is connected to the router PC, and the router PC is set in the fritzbox firewall as exposed host, so all ports are by default NATed to the router.

The rest of the LAN is connected to a switch which in turn is connected to a second NIC in the router PC.

Now i couldn't get the tunnel to work on the router PC, so and looked around in the fritzbox's settings and found that it can also make such a tunnel, and it worked right away.

The router PC now gets an IPv6 address and can use it.

But I can not get any of my clients in the LAN behind the router PC to participate on the IPv6 Internet, I can set the routes manually so that they will pick an IPv6 address, but the router is not routing.

I don't want to get rid of the router PC as I also use it for VPN, and the fritzbox does not have pptp vpn, only something proprietary with an own client application.

So I need to get it to run somehow without getting rid of my router PC, or somehow setup teh lan so that the routing is done by the fritzbox but the VPN is still handled by the PC


Well I take that back.  You'll need you make your Windows router also route IPv6 traffic.  You'll need to use the netsh commands to configure routing and RA