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Netflix UK Geolocation

Started by alexhulse, December 23, 2013, 04:33:01 AM

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I'm in the UK, subscribed to Netflix UK, with a London POP IPv6 tunnel.

Having played around with things, it looks as if Netflix thinks that the traffic coming from my tunnel is US based, as traffic going through the tunnel to their frontend servers comes out in London and is routed off to the east coast AWS servers, whereas the IPv4 traffic from my ISP connection routes to the AWS Western Europe servers. Given the many and varied CDNs that netflix seem to use, I don't know where to start!

Not sure if it's something that can be resolved or not - unfortunately the most reliable fix is to turn off my tunnel  :(


Seeing as 2001:470::/32 is ARIN/US based, not sure how that gets fixed.


I think a lot of gelocation systems ultimately get their data from whois, so listing a UK address in the whois for the IP blocks used by the UK tunnel servers may be sufficient.


Assuming you meant rwhois? Yeah there is some information on your tunnels, but that only assumes that you are correct that places like Maxmind follow rwhois entries.


Perhaps this means that HE should not use an ARIN IPv6 allocation for its locations outside of North America....
In contrast, as this is a free service and (additional) allocations cost, I can see why this has not been done.


That would only help geolocate to a RIPE region, since they'd still not have any finer-grained information via the RIR than they get with rWhois.

GeoIP information is usually reasonably accurate for IPv4 (except for the time MaxMind decided we had a bunch in Rwanda), but for IPv6 it's still highly unexplored territory, since you can't rely on latency to help triangulate, due to tunnels.  Allocations are large enough that people can get by with just an allocation from their home region.

Google, with all their information on location even knows it's suboptimal, which is why they put out this draft, which we also support: http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-google-self-published-geofeeds-02  Unfortunately, it looks like it's just Google on the consumption side of things for now.


Having IP space from a different Country (especially US) and IPv6 enabled services (like Netflix!) can be usefull if you live outside US ;)


Is there still no solution to this?
It's a pain not being able to get to my previously viewed on Netflix when IPv6 is enabled.
It tends to play at low resolution too, presumably since it's coming all the way across the Atlantic with adds 100ms or so ping time.


Call your ISP and demand ipv6.
Be a part of what drives change.

Transition mechanisms are just that, transitional. Expecting a free service to provide everything is ludicrous.



As in the other post, I'm having the same issue with Netflix, Google, Youtube etc.
All of them are going to the US website, while db-ip.com reports my proper geolocation in UK.

I believe there's no workaround for this...