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RDNS for Windows XP Pro

Started by darkjester, February 21, 2008, 07:42:12 PM

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how would i set up the IPv6 RDNS on Windows XP Pro


I cannot think of any built-in nameserver software for WinXP like there is with Windows2003. You might want to check your favorite Windows application site (like download.com) and see what is offered. If you don't have any luck, there is the option of 3rd party DNS hosting. I've noticed a lot of broker users list afraid.org as their rDNS nameservers for their routed /64 allocation. Remember that broker users cannot modify the rDNS entries for the point-to-point /64, only their routed allocation.


imho, your best bet would be using a public service apposed to running your own dns server if it is not appropriate for you. I can think of two that provide free RDNS/PTR records for ipv6:

freedns.afraid.org - easy to setup
zoneedit.com - this place is a miracle, very nice individuals with a head on them and completely stable, never been down once in years.



Ya Afraid.org is good I use them for both my rDNS for my /64 as well as my IPv4 domain

as for server 2003 (MS seems to not think people should edit the literal IPv6 address) so its kinda odd on server 2003


Don't get me wrong though, at the moment i'm running my own nameserver, but i munkywith vhosts alot and this makes it more convenient for me... not everyone may have this requirement...



So far as I can tell, windows 2003 DNS (the one bundled) does not support IPV6 clients. Well, at least the BIND server I have asking it to do zone transfers says, anyway.

I'm unsure if it supports serving v6 records I'm afraid, I'm not mad enough to let an active directory decide what I want in my zonefiles. Yet.