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ICMP Unpingable when creating a new tunnel

Started by hmottaleb, April 02, 2014, 05:25:35 PM

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Hi All,

I am new to all this and am trying to get the IPv6 certification.

I have a macbook pro with 10.6.8 on it and am trying to setup a regular tunnel.

After I copy and paste my endpoint address and click on submit, I get a an error message saying that my ICMP is unpingable.

I have searched this forum and the web but haven't found any information on how to fix this.

Any  help would be appreciated.



Is your isp blocking icmp?  Did you allow it on your router/firewall?


I don't see anything on my router that says ICMP is blocked.

I did try to ping the address which was successful.

Not sure if the ISP is blocking it.



Which router?  Icmp is normally blocked by default


I have a Zoom router/cable modem combo at home.

Also, I just tried to create a regular tunnel at work and am getting the same message.

"IP is not ICMP pingable. Please make sure ICMP is not blocked".




That didn't help either. I actually disabled the firewall but it didn't make any difference either.

I also called Comcast today and they are telling me that they don't have ICMP blocked.


Is it definitely your WAN IP that you are setting as the IPv4 tunnel endpoint in the configuration page?


Its the IP address that is automatically detected when creating a new tunnel. I just copy and paste it there.


If you are using a web proxy, the auto IP would be the proxy - not your laptop.

BTW, while he.net is more reliable, if you are going to be moving your laptop around, and use it behind NAT firewalls at restaurants, and such, you might look at sixxs.net - they offer AICCU, which tunnels IP6 over UDP - traversing NAT and firewalls with ease.  He.net is better when you have a computer or server that is going to stay in one place for a while.


I am now able to create a regular tunnel.

Disabling WAN Filtering on my router unblocked ICMP and now I have a tunnel.

Thank you all for all you help!